About ABTV

ABTV is a leading business and financial advisory firm specializing in solving complex problems, improving and restoring performance, and maximizing value within organizations, whether distressed, underperforming, or just not meeting expectations. For more than 30 years, we have worked in a wide range of industries and have become well recognized and respected for our ability to get results.

Our experience has provided us with the unique ability to quickly and efficiently assess a company’s business issues, from simple to complex. Our team of professionals brings the leadership, talent and extensive experience necessary to address challenging issues and capitalize on key opportunities. We do this by serving in advisory, consulting, interim management, or court-appointed roles. We set ourselves apart by looking beyond mere financial analysis, drawing on our keen ability to address strategic, operational, financial, and managerial considerations in uncertain environments—delivering bottom-line results.

Today, ABTV remains a pacesetter with a vision for the future. Having evolved from a firm specializing in turnaround management, ABTV has grown to become a leading provider of business and financial advisory services by expanding service offerings and building a talented team of professionals with vast skills and industry knowledge.
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A Word From Our Managing Partner

We understand that companies and referral sources have options.

So when answering the question “Why ABTV?”, we point to the experience and knowledge of our professionals who have performed at the highest levels in all areas of business including finance, operations, marketing and sales.

This drives our ability to learn quickly, develop strategies, build relationships, establish credibility, and execute under pressure and compressed timeframes.

It is this understanding of the inter-connectedness of all areas of the business that allows us to tackle complex situations and achieve favorable outcomes.

Ed Sanz

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our ability to see situations from an operating level and “big picture” perspective, including strategic, managerial and corporate culture aspects.
  • Our business leaders with strong communication skills who can immediately instill confidence and affect positive change and improvement throughout all levels of an organization.
  • Our demonstrated ability to assess business issues across many industries, identify workable solutions and take steps to execute them with the instinct and practical business sense needed to achieve bottom-line results.

Our History

In 1989, Neal Anderson, Ed Bauman, Peter Tourtellot and Gary Vos formed Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos (ABTV), serving as pioneers in the development of the turnaround management industry. They successfully built a leading business and financial advisory firm with a focus on both revitalizing underperforming companies and helping healthy companies improve performance.

Today ABTV continues their dedication to finding value and helping companies navigate complex challenges.

Neal Anderson


Edward Bauman


Gerardus Vos