At ABTV, we consider assessments as essential business tools that provide valuable insights into a company’s current and prospective business and financial situation. They provide a comprehensive understanding of the many inter-related facets of a business, taking into account strategic, organizational, marketing, sales, operations and financial segments with particular emphasis on the go-forward aspects in all areas.

Business assessments are particularly useful in identifying solutions and corrective actions that have significant short- and long-term impact. Findings often include suggestions for implementation of strategic initiatives, financial projections, cash flow and working capital options and recommendations for improved operational and financial performance.

As accomplished professionals, we use our experience and practical business instincts to conduct business assessments and incorporate the findings into strategic plans of action.

Business Assessment Services

  • Review and analyze current financial statements of the business
  • Analyze key liquidity and profitability elements
  • Review and analyze projected income statements, balance sheets and cash flows, along with key cost drivers and significant revenue and expense factors influencing profitability
  • Prepare and analyze cash flow and working capital projections
  • Review capital, financing and banking arrangements and relationships, including financial covenants stipulated in lending agreements
  • Assess company’s strategic plan
  • Assess effectiveness of the organizational structure
  • Assess effectiveness of the sales and marketing organization and related initiatives

  • Assess effectiveness of the company’s operational and financial structure, systems and procedures
  • Analyze key revenue and expense drivers, identifying strategies and steps to achieve targeted changes
  • Prepare projected cash position scenarios and steps/strategies for improvement
  • Conduct profitability analysis encompassing preparation of forecasted, go-forward profitability models
  • Analyze current and projected go-forward status of business and related risks and opportunities
  • Identify key short-term, intermediate and long-term business improvement initiatives and action steps