The nonprofit sector includes a variety of mission-driven organizations, foundations, social services and others across many social sector industries. Most people who work in the nonprofit sector are highly committed, selfless individuals who believe passionately in the missions of their organizations.

Despite the mission focus of the organization, it is still a business with its own set of challenges. Based on ABTV’s experience, nonprofits often exhibit the following:

  • Overworked, underpaid staff
  • Lack of metrics – no way to monitor the organization’s performance
  • Underinvestment in infrastructure
  • Multiple layers of decision making, and difficulty reaching decisions
  • Restrictive endowments
  • Need for compliance with multiple government entities
  • Finance and human resources functions that need to be strengthened
  • Heavy benefit obligations to compensate for lower pay
  • Lack of robust and effective processes to identify funding  needs

ABTV’s professionals understand the unique challenges nonprofits face. Our professionals have deep experience working with nonprofit organizations, serving in executive roles and as interim management, as well as providing critical assessment and consultation roles.

Nonprofit Services

Strategy Development

  • Evaluate and develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s external opportunities and challenges
  • Assess the organization’s human resources and operational strengths and limitations
  • Working closely with the organization’s planning committee, establish goals and objectives in the overall strategic planning process, along with the timely development and execution of the strategic plan itself
  • Work with the organization’s governing Board on improvement initiatives and advise on governance issues, where appropriate

Growth & Revenue Enhancement

  • Assess revenue sources and identify areas for incremental revenue including, among others, annual or major sustained gifts, foundation grants, corporate giving programs, earned income activities, in-kind donations and supporting organizations
  • Examine current capital and funding structures and develop and/or refine plans to increase funding sources in connection with the organization’s operating plan
  • Engage external partners and key stakeholders in program initiatives to capitalize on opportunities to broaden revenue generating activities

Operating Improvements & Efficiencies

  • Review and assess day-to-day operating practices
  • Review and assess organization’s internal capabilities and management of deliverables
  • Assess programs and progress reports on organization’s revenue and operating initiatives
  • Assess existing cost savings initiatives and identify additional areas for cost reduction
  • Review working capital management and identify ways and alternatives for improved cash management

Finance & Administration

  • Review organization’s current forecasting and budgeting process and assist in the development of both short-term and long-term financial planning methods and procedures
  • Evaluate or implement key performance and reporting metrics
  • Perform reviews and assessments of operating expense results, in connection with the organization’s strategic plan
  • Review the organization’s financial statements to assess its overall strength and liquidity, along with identifying opportunities for working capital management improvements, debt financing options and overall financial improvement