Operational and Profitability Improvement

Operational & Profitability Improvement

As a leading business and financial advisory firm, ABTV specializes in maximizing value within organizations by assessing not just the company’s financial picture but by considering operational, marketing and leadership components as well. We go beyond the numbers to seek the most effective strategies to ensure business improvements.

ABTV’s multi-skilled professionals have the talent to see situations from a “big picture”—looking beyond mere financial analysis to deliver bottom-line results.

Our experienced team of executive-level professionals has worked at other top consulting firms and served as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Financial Officers for organizations across more than 50 industries. We have held leadership positions in privately-held companies with revenues ranging from $25 million to $1 billion and publicly-held companies, including those in the Fortune 50.

The depth of our team’s experience allows us to apply best practices and keen insights when it comes to advising and consulting on business strategies and processes for organizations whether healthy or distressed.

The specialized skill sets we use to help organizations achieve financial and operational excellence and maximize value include many of the following:


  • Review the components of a company’s strategic plan including marketing, sales, operations and finances
  • Create execution steps, methods and parameters in line with the preparation and implementation of a strategic plan and conduct follow-up management reviews throughout the year

Organization & Systems

  • Review and assess organizational structure, capabilities, limitations and areas for organizational improvement
  • Develop and implement activity-based metrics, performance measures and reporting systems
  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness and functionality of a company’s internal operational, financial and business systems

Marketing & Sales

  • Review and formulate targeted sales plans, goals and performance metrics for all sales personnel and channels
  • Perform product line margin and profitability analysis and assess cost structures
  • Assess a company’s product/service branding, image, marketing and sales materials
  • Review a company’s quoting and pricing models and strategies
  • Perform competitive analysis involving product/service characteristics and functionality, pricing, sales channels, delivery attributes and marketing channels
  • Review quality of sales personnel, compensation plans and agreements for proper structure, performance criteria and incentives


  • Review and evaluate operating systems, practices and procedures
  • Review product/service cost systems, structures, controls and reporting methods
  • Prepare benchmarking and operational performance metrics
  • Provide product/service throughput, efficiency and cost reduction reviews
  • Provide product/service reviews of facility design layouts and operational workflow methods to maximize knowledge and optimize material/product/services movement, customer response and quality
  • Provide product/service reviews to develop operational measurements reflecting business goals, along with the ability to monitor and drive performance of these measures
  • Perform product/service reviews relative to purchasing elements, product/service rendering costs, margin analysis and quality objectives
  • Conduct reviews of inventory methods and related programs
    Review supply chain strategies and methods


  • Review financial reporting systems and methods
  • Review internal business segments, departments, product/service margins and profitability measurement/reporting systems and methods
  • Review and evaluate management cost accounting systems
  • Review and evaluate internal systems of financial controls
  • Review, assess and implement financial projection models and methods
  • Develop and implement cash flow projection modeling and working capital management techniques