Orderly Wind-downs

Orderly Wind-downs

The decision to wind down a business or an unprofitable segment of a larger company is difficult, at best. With all other options exhausted, an orderly wind-down or rightsizing can give management and stakeholders the opportunity to regain time and bandwidth to focus on moving forward. ABTV can strategize and manage the entire wind-down or rightsizing process from start to finish, becoming as directly involved as necessary based upon the specific engagement.

ABTV has decades of experience in turnaround and distressed operations in a wide range of industries. Our professionals are equipped to help navigate each unique situation strategically and with confidence.

Our orderly wind-down services give management and stakeholders the opportunity to refocus on areas of growth, whether that means more profitable segments of the business or other investments.

Orderly wind-downs involve a complete liquidation of a business which has become terminal while preserving as much value as possible. Orderly wind-downs and liquidations encompass multiple processes that can often become overwhelming. ABTV offers comprehensive wind-down and strategic management capabilities for small to mid-sized companies, giving ownership and stakeholders peace of mind of knowing operations, employees, assets, creditors and liabilities are being managed through the process properly.

Rightsizing helps management build for the future rather than expending resources winding down unprofitable segments. When market forces create changes but a core business is still strong, larger companies may find our experience helpful in rightsizing operations to improve profitability and mitigate loss. In these situations, ABTV performs a strategic assessment of the business, identifying and liquidating unprofitable segments to reduce tax burden, support demand, and improve cash flow while redirecting energy and resources to ongoing operations.


  • Plan and manage wind-down processes, including raw material and work-in-progress run-out, inventory liquidations, and managing reduced operations
  • Assess employment concerns (such as WARN) and develop staff reduction plans that meet client needs
  • Identify key assets for sale and handle budgeting needs
  • Establish processes and project plan to monetize assets as well as settle financial responsibilities
  • Negotiate asset sales (including real property) and manage key wind-down relationships
  • Manage creditor payments/distributions and wind-down cashflow in an objective and strategic manner
  • Manage accounts receivable collections and finalize all remaining business affairs