ABTV has extensive experience in the skillful and efficient execution of receiverships in a broad range of industries. We have acted as receiver in multiple state courts as well as in the federal court system, using our influence with the courts to achieve desired outcomes. We provide a full range of services tailored to fit the specific requirements of the court order. These services are focused strategically on preserving the value of the company and its assets and, if the court orders, the continuing operation of the company to achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

We have the ability to perform a number of significant tasks as a court-appointed receiver. Our work begins with assisting counsel in crafting the motion to the court that requests the appointment of a receiver. Our finely-tuned instincts honed from years of experience allow us to assist in tailoring the motion to fully allow the receiver to function in a way that is consistent with the intent of the receivership.

ABTV offers a full platform of receivership services that are tailored to meet the requirements of a court order. Our experienced professionals use their expertise and influence to achieve desired outcomes.

Receivership Services


Manage bank accounts or other cash assets, along with control of all cash disbursements and cash receipts


Assess operations of the company and its management, revitalize the operations to the extent required and allowed by the receiver order, and manage or supervise the continuation of operations

Risk Management

Review insurance requirements, determine adequacy of the coverage and modify coverage if needed

Facility Management

Control the real property, facilities and personal business assets to protect the value of the collateral during the duration of the receivership


Determine the adequacy of the financial controls and reporting, and modify as needed


Evaluate the personnel of the company and make recommendations that ensure the protection and enhancement of asset values, making sure that personnel matters are being properly handled

Employee Benefits

Assess the level of benefits offered to employees, modifying if necessary and ensuring that benefits are properly handled, in accordance with state and federal law

Reporting to Court

Provide reports to the court as well as all other interested parties in accordance with the court order and the needs of the parties involved

Liquidation of Inventory & Facilities

As directed by the court and approved by the parties involved, will identify the proper venue and organize, arrange and manage the liquidation of receivables, inventory, facilities, real property, and any other assets associated with the property in receivership, as well as the appropriate distribution of proceeds

Management of Electronic Information

Manage a company’s electronically stored information, gleaning relevant documents and watching for patterns that would indicate possible internal fraud or other anomalies; in addition, help with e-Discovery compliance