Succession Planning and Shareholder Matters

Succession Planning & Shareholder Matters

Managing the issues involved in succession planning for privately-held companies takes experience, insight and instinct. In these situations, the financial and emotional repercussions can be significant. Our experienced team of professionals understands these complexities and has developed practical, strategic approaches to mitigate them.

We address these challenges by navigating all shareholders through the relevant issues and decisions of a succession plan and the courses of action that impact each shareholder, always keeping in mind the overall business objectives of the company.

On assignments related to succession planning, we have developed an approach that sets us apart, which we outline below.

Succession planning is often an issue that organizations do not address in a systematic way. We apply our proven leadership, experience, analytic and execution skills to ensuring the successful outcome of a strategic course of action.

Succession Planning & Shareholder Matters Approach

  • Work with all shareholders in setting and establishing business transition objectives and timelines
  • Analyze and assess the shareholders’ goals and objectives along with the impact of each on the overall company and its management organization and other stakeholders
  • Review and assess the management succession plan and key operating roles inside the company
  • Review and assess the company’s historical financial statements and projected financial statements to determine underlying corporate value
  • Prepare various pro-forma, forecasted scenarios in support of valuations affecting the various shareholder options including recapitalizations, shareholder buyouts, equity and/or debt leverage, buy/sell agreements or redemption agreements
  • Explore various succession, transition and business changing options including buy/sell agreements, gift shares, trusts, management buyouts, sale to outsiders and other exit strategies
  • Work closely with the company’s estate and tax counsel to ensure that the team considers all significant risk factors, opportunities and forecasted scenarios